Doggie Day Care

We brought our concept of an indoor, multi-group doggie day care to the Augusta area in 2003. Our vision has now become an accepted and welcome reality. Our dogs spend their day in one or more of our 8 supervised play groups, socializing with our staff and other dogs. When it’s time to leave, our furry guests are tired, happy, and ready to relax with mom/dad at home. Once the Temperament Test and registration process are completed, no reservations are required for day care, and we’re open every day of the year!


We organize our day care and boarding dogs into playgroups, based on our individualized assessment of size, temperament, activity level, etc., so that they spend their time with other dogs and staff members who create the kind of experience that is best for your pet's unique needs.  Dogs are instinctively pack animals, so they naturally acclimate to being part of a group, and as domesticated animals they thrive on the active attention and play provided by our caring staff.  If your dog were capable of telling you he "had a great time," that's the type of experience we provide at The Animal House, Inc.

Our play areas have a playground-like atmosphere, including furnishings you might find on an actual playground, as well as toys that your dog can chase, chew, tug and toss around just as they would at home.  Our staff provides not only constant supervision, but also human playmates who interact with the dogs throughout the day.  When your pet decides it's time for a rest, they can easily find a spot where they can curl up and take it easy for a while.

A Safe, Clean, Climate-controlled Environment

Since most dogs spend the majority of their time indoors, we designed our facility to provide the kind of secure, climate-controlled space that they're used to.  Our daycare dogs spend their days protected from the elements in our 6200 square foot facility.  And when the need arises, they visit the 600 square foot "potty area" that's attached to the building.  This area is also totally enclosed and ventilated, with continuously freshened wood chips on a concrete floor.  With all playgroups visiting the potty area on a rotating basis, your dog gets 10-15 potty breaks per day.

The Individualized Care Your Pet Needs

During your pet's stay, we will administer medications per your instructions (sorry, we can't monitor blood sugar levels, so are unable to administer insulin).  If it will make them more comfortable to have a blanket or article of clothing with your scent on it, feel free to leave that with them as well.  We want you to be completely assured that your pet is being cared for in a loving attentive manner, as close as possible to the care you give them at home.

We're Not Just for Dogs!

Although the majority of our guests are dogs, we will also accommodate cats and other pets who live in your home.  While some pets who live in cages, aquariums or other special habitats don't need day care, they're also welcome to spend the night with us when you need to be away overnight.  We serve all types of dogs -- we don't discriminate by breed -- any cat, and any other pet whose "house" you can bring along and leave with us.

For more details, please review our Policies.

Doggie Day Care Prices

Temperament Test Required before your pet's first stay
First dog $20, each additional dog $10

Doggie Day Care
$20 per day or $10 per half day (5 hours or less)

Day Care Package Good for 10 full day care visits $190
Packages never expire and can be used for multiple dogs in the same household